Time is of the essence when you are running a super yacht that is constantly on the move and the crew does not always have the opportunity to invest hours required to source specifics. MRM can handle all your ground and air arrangements.

At MRM we are passionate about service and offer you a single point of contact for your shore based requirements. We have access to a network of certified industry leading providers and with our polished local knowledge we can co-ordinate and arrange all your activities and your most detailed needs. Discretion is an important part of our company values and our aim is to exceed the expectations for yacht owners, their guests and crew through our bespoke service.

Our concierge services include Private Aviation, Hotel Bookings, Travel Arrangements, VIP Transportation, Leisure Activities, Security Guards, Day Workers. Services listed above are only an example; we customize our yacht services to suit your specific needs, if you do not find what you need, contact us for an effective solution.

Our unique way to serve our customers, allow us to guarantee full satisfaction and value for time and money.