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Ulcinj, located on the southernmost part of the Montenegrin and Adriatic coast, has a long history; beginning in the 5th century BCE when it is was a Greek fishing settlement. Later on, it was ruled by the Romans, Venetians and Turks until at eventually became part of Montenegro in the 19th century. According to one legend, the famous writer Cervantes was once sold as a slave here, at the Slave’s Market (Trg robova) in the Old town. This may explain the peculiar similarity between Ulcinj’s former name"Dulcigno" (as it was called by the Venetians) and "Dulcinea", the name of one of female characters from "Don Quijote".

On a small island, that is, a cliff, northwest of Ulcinj, in the inlet Kruče, there are the ruins of what were thought to be the remnants of the Old Town of Ulcinj - Dolcigno Vecchio. According to the Venetian historical documents, it was assumed that the ancient Olcinium was located between this crag and the shore and that it sank but the later archaeological explorations have found that a small signal station (specula) was placed on this rock, that is, on this little island in the ancient times, and that in the Middle Ages a fortress was built there which served as a watchtower.

The City is surrounded by about 80.000 olive trees and is knownas a city with the largest number of sunny days in the year.

The Old Town is a heart of cultural heritage of Ulcinj. On the upper plateau of the fortress, there is a museum complex of the city which is where the most interesting monuments of the history of Ulcinj are located. There is a church-mosque converted into a museum where all findings from the Old Town are exhibited. Right behind the museum there is Kula Balšića (the Balšić’s Tower) whose premises are used today by a gallery. In front of it there is a small square, once known as Trg robova (the Slave Square) which is enclosed by casemates (arches) of the fortress. A Northwest of Ulcinj, in the inlet Kruče, there are the ruins of the Old Town of Ulcinj - Dolcigno Vecchio. According to the Venetian historical documents, it was assumed that the ancient Olcinium was located between this crag and the shore and that it sank but later archaeological explorations have found that a small signal station was placed on this rock, and that in the Middle Ages a fortress was built there and functioned as a watchtower.

Nearby there is the Ethnological Museum with an extremely rich collection of exhibits while many streets lead to the lower plateau of the fortress. In front of the southern entrance to the city foundation of Bogorodicna crkva (the Orthodox Church of the Holy Mother of God) from the twelfth century is located which was later converted to the Catholic church of St. Marko. Not far from there, there is a Turkish powder magazine from the eighteenth century covered in irregular-shape calotte. On the place where today’s Palata Venecija (Palace of Venice) stands there were the remains of the building which was assumed to have been the seat of the governor of the city during the Venetian rule. Not far from Palata Venecija there is Dvori Balsica (The Balšićs’ Castle) which consists of a large Venetian building.

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Šasko lake – this is the eyes of Ulcinj, full of life and long history where you will feel like in heaven. Šasko lake is located in the vicinity of the city of Ulcinj. It is the lake of great beauty, clarity, calmness and rich in fish. It is the shelter of many species of birds. Ruins of the "ancient city of Svač” lie of the shores of Šasko Lake. The legends say that the city had as many churches as there are days in the year.
This is the place ideal for picnics, outdoor activities, playing football, swimming in warm water, sailing…For the photographer, the explorer, the lazy dreamer or anyone who wants to experience the nature in all its glory Šasko lake will not disappoint you.

Ada Bojana is uninhabited river island at the very end of Large beach- Velika plaža in Ulcinj, at the point where very beautiful and very special river Bojana is separating from it- at its mouth to the Adriatic sea.
But Ada is much more then geographic location; it is a true miracle of nature.
If you ever dreamt of the ultimate getaway, there is no better place in the world than Ada Bojana, since it is hidden from the sight, flurry and noise of the city. Surrounded by pure beauty, adorned with Mediterranean plants Ada offers ideal setting for a unique and tranquil vacation. This beach creates peace and ultimate joy not only with its serene surroundings but with the most beautiful sunsets in the Adriatic with which visitors usually fall in love at first sight.
One specialty of Ada is that it is also a nudist resort skillfully hidden from curious eyes, surrounded by a beautiful river Bojana on two sides and by the cleanest sea water ever on the third side. However, don’t let the slow pace deceive you since this place is teeming with life.
The active-minded can always enjoy very popular four legged recreation- horses, photography, kite surfing which is very popular here, while you can also laze on secluded points free of harassment.
Due to the fact Ada is natural law protected habitat to a 143 species of fish and near 300 species of birds it is one very special ecosystem and unique place to enjoy.
Ada has reputation for gentleness, for specific energy, a sublime calm, spiritual glossiness, and skipping it on your way would be a true sin.

Velika plaža or Large beach is 12. km long and wide cca 100 m. It has, not without reason, been called Ulcinj’s Copacabana. It is stretched from Porto Milena to the river mouth of Bojana., at only 4km away from the town. Swimming here presents special pleasure due to its whitish sand which in size is not bigger than 0.5mm. It has many beneficial effects for persons with circulation disorders as well as any neurological issues or psychosomatic disorders. It is fenced by beautiful pines and Mediterranean vegetation. It is zero polluted and offers wide range of possibilities for water sports, but primarily it is popular for kite surfing. Other sports on water, kayaking, rowing, sailing or fishing are also a real treat here.

Female beach-Zenska plaza did not get its name by accident. It is settled in between hotel Albatros and former hotel Galeb, and it is well-known as a beach which from ancient times presented natural cure for women with reproductive issues. It is covered with pebbles, 100 m in length, with the shallow water at the beginning of beach. It is also a beautiful, restful place to enjoy.

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Ulcinj Intermezzo

For anyone who are seeking for proper accommodation in Ulcinj, the right choice is Hotel „Palata Venezia” located in Ulcinj's Old town, on fortification elder than 2000 years. Since 2013., hotel is categorized as "small hotel with four stars". Hotel „Palata Venezia" offers unique relax and comfortable stay in an endless calm surrounded with azure-blue sea seen from accommodation units. See more at: http://www.hotel-palatavenezia-montenegro.com/en/

Wine and dine
There is no place where guests are so engaged in atmosphere of the location as in Ćićkova čarda at Ada. It is place where guest creates an image and story of the place. Specific thing about this restaurant is that guests are writing their names, messages, impressions or lyrics on the wooden interior. This is how the piece of their experience lives forever here. This is one of the cult places for body and soul, place which means relaxation at its finest. If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic, while indulging the tastes of an amazing fresh fish and meat specialties, one of the best fish stew ever, visit ÄŒarda is a must. Ask a waiter for news in offer and recommendations but ‘Bojana fish stew” should be first on your wish list. See more at: http://findinmontenegro.com/item/restaurant-cickova-carda-ada-bojana-ulcinj/

Restaurant Miško was built 1991 and at that time it was the only fish restaurant on Bojana. It is located at the right side of Bojana, nearby bridge, and from the first day of its existence its praxis implies preparation of excellent fresh fish and frutti di mare. Fish stew here is also famous and delicious. Miško presents symbiotic meeting of fish tradition and modern, top hospitality industry. Walls are decorated with items from fishermen life, while immaculate tables remind us that we are still in the exclusive restaurant. By the way, wine cards for such a small tavern are impressive. http://www.restoranmisko.com/

All in all, get ready for the beautiful feast that Ada has to offer you, from international cuisines to impeccably fresh sea food. On Ada there is simply something for every taste!

Ulcinj Entertainment
In the Ulcinj Old Town, at the Slaves’ Square in a beautiful atmosphere in front of the monumental Tower of Balšić during the first three weeks in August there is a manifestation held called "Ljetnja scena – Summer Scene". Here you will find wonderful, multi-media, theatre-in-the round, presenting highly informative and entertaining content. Tourists and visitors can attend interesting plays, musical and literature program presented by foreign and domestic authors.

All yoga lovers should not miss Yoga retreat on Ada in period from 18-25 June. Details to be found on: http://aktivniodmor.net/dogadaji/yoga-retreat-na-adi-bojani-jun/

There is also something very Ulcinj-style, an intimate, boutique festival with international acts and DJs on one of the most stunning beaches in Europe, Velika plaža. It is now almost a part of urban tradition. It will be kept from 30 June - 03 July 2016 while more details can be found on their official site. http://www.southernsoulfestival.me/

Last but not the least, there is Kite fest for all kite surfing lovers which is to be held at Velika plaža from Friday 24 June 2016, 12:00 till Monday 4 July 2016, 15:00
See more at: http://www.kitesurfclub.me/

Bar and Ulcinj are maybe not typical tourism jewels of Adriatic. They don’t have coasts where sky kisses the sea (apart from Ada where the kiss and unity of the nature is present at its finest).

Ulcinj and Bar are more about ancient, tradition, about merge of influences, peaceful nature, yoga, kitesurfing, barefoot in the curing sand, they are about Adam and Eve costumes..
You leave them-planning to return the same day...