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Tivat is city situated at the foot of Lovcen Mountain in the central area of the Boka bay which with its mild Mediterranean climate (characterized with more than 200 sunny days), unique natural setting, indented coast, rich vegetation and warm crystal clear waters always attracted visitors. Legend says that Illyrian queen Teuta used to spend her leisure time here while the story also links her name to the origin of the name of city. City harbors many well-preserved remains from pre-historic period as well as Roman, Illyrian, Byzantine times. The perfect examples are church of Saint Vid, St.Luka and Saint Gavrilo (Stradiots), middle ages: St. Srđ, St Anthony, St. Petar and our Lady of Mercy.

It is also only coastal town with airport, which is 5 km away from town Tivat is also on 23 km from tourist Mecca Budva and 8 km from capital Podgorica.

Tivat is home for the most attractive beach on the Montenegrin coast, the 8.00 square meter Blue Horizon, Large park in town’s centre named Captain’s park has been attracting sailors from distant travels and inspired them to contribute with different plants. It gave the town the touch of Mediterranean charm.
The islands and villages of Tivat are home to valuable sacred objects, and the most famous among them is Monastery of St Archangel Mihailo on Prevlaka, more famous as Ostrvo cvijeca( The Flower Island). Tivat also features a famous palace, a medieval summer house Buca, situated in town centre.

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Around Tivat, esp. Island of St. Marko, the sea is smooth and appropriate for skiing and other water sports, It is paradise nevertheless which season it is , due to clean air, mild climate and rich vegetation. Don’t forget it’s wild nature, though.

Fairytale on the Eastern side of the Adriatic- this is good definition of Solila. Beach complex Solila completely fits in surrounding of rich flora and fauna which is also a home for 111 rare species of birds. Solila open their door to the world of eco-tourism where one can find cormorants, flamingos and many other species. Solila are nestled in authentic natural locations, with beach bar full of good vibes and restaurant with rich Mediterranean gastro offer and beautiful wines from all over the world. Solila also offer their marina for yachts and other vessels.

Dream-come-true beach for every yacht owner is Almara( Oblatno). At only 2.5 km from Radovici in Tivat it represents special concept, special story, and complex of wishes which will easily become reality for you. It is rare situation that one comes to Almara on a day, guest are arriving to stay for days. It is very important to reserve your place here before arrival.

Choice of the location for this beach is not accidental. Everything here is in perfect harmony, from perfectly white color of table mats and baldachins swinging on the wind, to the perfectly blue color of crystal clear water, or green hills of surrounding Lustica.. Almara intertwined its future with mighty Orascom project which on Lustica built practically a small town with luxuries villas and golf terrain. Their visions are compatible, being nature friendly and in love with life, with common motto: Life as it should be.
Pontons on Almara are deeply in sea, and there is also a possibility of kayak renting. Though yachts are common guests here, the owners don’t practice renting vessels on fuel, due to their eco-friendly approach.

Summer day on Almara has a lot of tastes and colors-it’s up to you to chose your own.

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Indulgement for senses

There is one tavern on the seashore, in Krtoli, on just 4.200,m from rount about to Plavi Horizonti beach. Tucked away from city hassle on a beautiful spot next to the sea, with a view to the island St. Marko, tavern Maestral serves delicious Mediteranean food. But not an usual one. The divine one- synonume for freshness. Fish, shrimps, lobsters, octupus, Before they prepale your meal , they present you the day's catch for you to select from.Under those circumstances, spices are usualy not necesary. Only fire and salt. It is so unique and lonely in the sea of'similar'restaurants offering 'fresh frutti di mare' that it became an ultimate goal for gastronomic 'pilgrimages'. Besides sea food one will also find here genuine Montenegrin products, like prosciutto dried for a year, cheese in oil, fish pate and local, owner's wine and 'rakija'- schnaps. The restaurant also has jetty with space for 12 yachts( for big and 6 for small vesels) with 4 m gaugages, and beautiful small private beach. Come and visit this hidden paradise.

Since 2009. Montenegrin restaurants are enriched with a four star restaurant located in the Tivats centre. Ambient, possessing wide variety of Italian and French specialties and rich selection of wine excellent service and pleasant interior leaves no one indifferent, including most sophisticated guests. (www.ambienttivat.com)

The Tavern Grispolis is located in small fishing village in Bigova, about 15 mins by car from either Tivat airport or Kotor.The selection of fish , crabs and mussels is very extensive due to fact that owner and his sons are fishermen.The wine list is very interesting and the location is small, idyllic, ideal for swimming at any of thr small intimate beaches. If you enjoy a relaxed coastal atmosphere ask in the restaurant about staying overnight ,they also have rooms for rent.(www.grispolis.co.me)

If you want to enjoy your lunch in the atmosphere of Jules Verne’s novels, restaurant Prova in the Tivat’s centre is perfect place for that. The interior, reminiscent of the interior of the ship, with hand-made medusa like a chandeliers is the place where captain Nemo takes you to exciting journey. The menu is based on the Mediteranean flavors, and the selection of the wines complements the enjoyment. (www.prova.co.me)

In sophisticated and cosy ambience of Porto Montenegro marina, do not miss to try best pastas, homemade pizza or perhaps salmon in pasteria Al Posto giusto, to taste delicious international cuisine in One restaurant or to experiment with Lebanese cuisine in magical ambient of Byblos restaurant. www.portomontenegro.com

Regent Porto Montenegro – This hotel is located in the heart of the luxury Porto Montenegro marina , only .6 km away from airport Tivat, 47km away from Dubrovnik airport and 90 km away from Podgorica airport, Inspired by Venetian renaissance styles, mixed with local influences Regent is fantastic five star hotel recalling Italian palazzi visible around the bay. It offers expanding views of the sea surrounded by towering mountains, 51 double rooms and 335 residences providing sophisticated contemporary living spaces notable for their multifunctional design. (www.regenthotels.com)

In case you happen to be in the picturesque village of Donja Lastva, old and idyllic part of Tivat, ideal place for accommodation would be Eco Hotel Carruba. Nestled in the old 19th century building it is still equipped with all modern features. It respects nature by implemented green technologies like solar panels etc. it It is situated right on the seashore and while featuring restaurant sauna and gym, it overlooks the sea and offers very cosy atmosphere.(www.septemberhotels.com)