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This largest harbor at the eastern coast of Adriatic, stretches its legs between Adriatic Sea and Skadar lake. It is only 40 kilometers from Podgorica International Airport (TGD) and 50 kilometers from the city of Podgorica itself.

Although a port seat, it represents amazingly clean town, full with developed green areas. Still, is much more then bustling seaport and base of maritime commerce (that’s one of its definitions for sure) - it is a town with spirit and soul.

This specific city hidden under the mountain Rumija, surprises us every second with its historical heritage, variety of cultures, nations, cuisines, customs and idyllic quite villages.

First of all, it is the largest urban agglomeration of architectural ruins in Montenegro. The old town of Bar, Haj Nehaj Fortress, with the remaining from the 15th century fortress and the castle of King Nikola, represent the historic and cultural benchmarks of the city.

Bar also treasures an Old Olive Tree that is more than 2000 years old and one very special jewel: Skadar lake, with idyllic settlements, authentic fish restaurants and one of the biggest habitats of birds.

If you want to check the relics of history, experience the atmosphere of Ottoman Empire, feel the ages spread out in front of you- you just have to leave the water’s edge and proceed towards the mountain. Here is where you encounter the Old Town Bar. Old Town Bar, situated 3.5 km northeastward of the modern city of Bar, occupies rocky slope, slanting mildly northeast to southeast, while protected by nearly vertical inaccessible cliffs on the east and south side. It is one of those magical places where modern meets the shadow of ancient, like old Turkish baths, Roman aqueducts and a citadel where the first stones were laid over 1000 years ago.

Notable landmarks worth investigating in Old Town Bar are also: Saint Veneranda church, the Bishop’s palace, the ancient walls and the gunpowder store. On the highest point near the Citadel you can almost smell the ancient olive groves, some with 2000 year old trees, which of course give beautiful presents to Bar in form of excellent olive oil.

In a nutshell, Bar is an important destination for travelers looking to taste all that Montenegro has to offer in just a single place. Or perhaps that’s a Montenegro as a whole, variety of worlds within one small world.

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Virpazar is a small settlement on Lake Skadar belonging to municipality Bar, and Crmnica region, which is not difficult to recognize as it preserved its appearance and soul from all changes and influences of time. Tasteful fish, good wine, they have always been at disposal in Virpazar, from 1910 till today. And all that on only 1 km from the sea!
The old part of this amazing place whose mentioning dates back to 13. century is interconnected via bridges on the Oraovstica and Virstica rivers, after which this settlement used to be called "a town on three bridges".
In the urban part of Virpazar, scents of traditional cuisine will lure you to try a wide variety of specialties of fish from Lake Skadar and taste the famous wines of Montenegro, Crmnički Vranac and brandy.
Like the rest of Montenegro, Lake Skadar which actually belongs to the rare Mediterranean freshwater swamps, fascinates with the diversity its offer, consisting of six entities: Veliko blato, Malo blato, Vučko blato, the flooded course of the river Crnojevića, the bay of Hot and the basin of Gornje blato.
Obviously, there is enough material for all kinds of research here, starting from the beauty of the peaceful surface of the lake hills and their silhouettes, multiplied by the beauty of the islands, little bays and colorful settlements, birds and plants in abundance...Perhaps we could say this place resembles a Rovinj on the lake. And all this at some 400 square kilometers and a low water level.

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In Bar, enjoy the scents of history and melting pot of different cultures, sights or cuisines in Old town.

In nearby Virpazar you can do whatever your soul longs for: whether it is boat trip, lake Skadar kayaking, bird watching tour, bike rental or wine tasting in small wineries in Crmnica region.

If you want to hide among vast forests of olive trees, but still have plenty of insulation, to treat yourself with the beauty of pure void of many underwater water springs which create turquoise light show, chose Utjeha beach. It is located between Bar and Ulcinj, on 11 km from Bar, its length is about 200 m, surface 5.200m2 and is covered with white gravel.

Queen's Beach which is often wrongly interpreted as Budva beach actually belongs to Bar municipality and is 350m long and accessible only from the sea, which makes it even more special. It is absolute jewel of the Montenegrin Riviera, surrounded with a natural hill of high sediment cliffs. History teaches us it was a favorite place of the Montenegrin Queen Milena during the stay in castle in Topolica, Bar (1847 – 1923) since it is specific by perfectly clean water surrounded by sedimentary rocks which add to dramatic effect. The queen did not go swimming alone, but accompanied by royal entourage and the flagship. Of course they swam separately, on the neighboring beach, which is called - Perjaničkia beach which is also very interested it is full of small secluded coves separated by high walls. It is also accessible only by sea.

Crvena stijena (Red beach) –1000 m long, nestled in a small cove between city of Sutomore and Bar, is a small secluded beach positioned behind hill Volujica, accessible only from sea. Its red sand covers the beach and sea bottom while the beach is fenced by thick pine which leaves heavenly scents.

Stjenovita plaža (Rocky beach), Žutokrlica, long about 1000, is located next to Red beach. It is covered with gravel and surrounded by a low Mediterranean vegetation and pine trees. It was called the "wild apple" (low Mediterranean shrub with beautiful yellow flowers).

Veliki pijesak (Large sand), is perhaps the best beach in this part of the Adriatic and it occupies the southern area of Bar municipality, on 10th km in the direction of Ulcinj. More precisely, it is located in Dobre Vode between Ucinj and Bar (8 km). It is 380 km long and 12.700 m in its grave and sandy-gravel surface. Due to its interesting configuration and large surface, favorable climate and pure water it is lure for locals equally as to any visitor. At the end of the beach is a large rock that is a natural jump into the water. A special experience every night is a memorable sunset. Becouse of the flow of mountain and sea climate, the place is considered to be the true air-spa, and perfect treatment center for bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory issues. Landscape value of the beach is complemented by the Mediterranean vegetation belt.

Far away from the sea, in water much calmer and environment less visited, the beach at Murići, on Lake Skadar, feels like perfect shelter. While the light fades gradually, fishermen are in their docked boats peacefully silent and the pace is as slow as the days are long. Though the beach is gravel and a water shallow, full of weeds and algae, the freshwater swims sometimes felt more luxurious than vip beaches, after one experience plenty of Mediterranean salt.

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Resort Ruža Vjetrova at Veliki pijesak beach in Bar provides their guests with a special experience of nature, in an atmosphere unique in its conception and design elements, offering guests an authentic, intimate experience. The mixture of cultural, geographic and historical elements and the wide range of services provide perfect comfort and diversity. Hosts from Ruza vjetrova have even created a zoo in a snug corner of o resort, as well as a children's playground and an artists’ terrace for those looking for inspiration, which is omnipresent in this area. More details can be found at: www.ruzavjetrova.me

Wasabi is the restaurant of the traditional Japanese cuisine. Here, apart from sushi, one will taste a variety of other popular Japanese dishes. The restaurant is equipped to provide a comfortable atmosphere for a variety of occasions: from business meetings to romantic evenings while for guests complete enjoyment there is the best hookah in Montenegro with different tastes according to preference. Its presentation is offered at: http://www.wasabi-monte.com

Badanj - Located on the main square of Virpazar, on the right side of the Virpazar bridge this tavern is essential for experiencing this settlement. All products are homemade, from the famous Crmnica red onion which is eaten like an apple, homegrown tomatoes and olives, smoked carp, goat cheese or simply freshly baked homemade bread.
The menu is comprised exclusively of local specialties.
The walls are covered with photographs of old Virpazar and the surrounding area.
The warm welcoming atmosphere is topped off with light and gentle music. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Konoba-Badanj-Virpazar/

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Bar entertainment

Visiting Bar in summer months from July to August provides you with unique pleasure to enjoy theatrical performances, classical music and exhibitions organized by Bar chronicle. It is multimedia festival with various contents: theatre shows, painting exhibitions, literary evenings and concerts which will make you leave this city full of impressions and emotions.

In early September, Sutomore near Bar is hosting traditional international meeting of bikers and bike fans that will bring together over a thousand of drivers of the popular two-wheelers from across the world.

The Illusion discotheque in Bar offer hangouts, fantastic performances, as well as the atmosphere that you could sometimes see only in the SF movies. http://www.ilusionmontenegro.com