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The selection of the flag state is very important as it may have significant legal and financial implications for the yacht owner.

Montenegro offers a great number of advantages and benefits to maritime companies.
There is no discrimination on citizenship, nationality or residence for anyone willing to register a vessel under the Montenegro Flag. Besides from the mentioned registration advantages, Montenegro offers a dual registry system for yachts, boat or vessels.

We look forward to assist you with legal process of yacht registration. In order to register your yacht permanently under the Montenegro flag, you must provide the following documents:

  • Application to inscribe into the Register along with the proposed name of the yacht
  • Certified copy of proprietor’s identification document for natural person or registration document for legal entity
  • Evidence of ownership, statement on purpose of the yacht and the power of attorney in case when the inscription in the Registry is not performed by the owner personally or co-owner or charterer
  • Certificate of regulated insurance at the amount of at least €800.000
  • Application for radio license
  • Document proving the deletion from previous register or a constructor’s papers in case the yacht is registered for the first time
  • Certified copy of sale and purchase agreement or in case of the first registration, constructor’s papers with inscribed name of buyer
  • An International Tonnage Certificate or constructor’s papers with the information on technical performances and on tonnage


In case of a yacht previously registered in a different register, the Administrative Body shall assess the need for its inspection, as a precondition for its inscription into the Register, on the basis of its previous registration and the seas where the yacht has previously sailed.

Certificate issued for the yacht for personal use less than 24 m long and of the capacity of 12 passengers at most shall be valid for the period of three years, whereas all other yachts shall be issued a certificate for the period of one year.