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Any experienced navigator knows that constant consideration of weather conditions contributes to the safety at sea and makes navigation more pleasant.

Weather forecast of the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro is transmitted around the clock by the Coast radio station ”BARRADIO”, on VHF ch16/ch24, through ’’Weather Bulletin’’, at fixed UTC time (to which you have to add one hour during winter, and two hours during daylight saving time).

You will also be able to receive Italian and Croatian Coast radio stations in the Adriatic as well. These are the names of other Coast radio stations transmitting weather bulletin:

Coast radio station:                  VHF channels:                Time of transmission  of weather bulletin (UTC):

‘’Bar’’                                                ch24                                                  08h50 14h20/20h50

‘’Bari’’                                           ch26/ch27                                       01h35/07h35/13h35/19h35

‘’Dubrovnik’’                                 ch04/ch07                                            08h35/12h35/20h35

‘’Ancona’’                                         ch25                                              01h35/07h35/13h35/19h35

‘’Split’’                                       ch07/ch21/ch23/ch81                                 05h45/12h35/19h45

‘’Trieste’’                                            ch25                                               01h35/07h35/13h35/19h35

The principal meteorological organization is the World Meteorological Organization and all informations regarding its activities can be found on their website. All forecasts, more or less, originate from a couple of big meteorological centres. Smaller meteorological institutions take over their forecast material, tweaking it sometimes for their needs or they simply put links for big centres on their internet pages. Still, certainly the most detailed and most useful meteorological service on the web, Weather Online.

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