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Maritime Safety Department is, for your safety, involved in the activities of organization and coordination of the search and rescue operations at sea, through the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC BAR), in accordance with the National Plan for Maritime Search and Rescue and the International Convention on Search and Rescue, 1979. The National plan establishes principles of work, tasks and responsibilities, sanctions and rules of conduct for authorized officers, as well as the manner of using the equipment during periods of readiness and during search and rescue at sea.

NAME: Maritime Safety Department
TELEPHONE: 030/313-241
MOBILE: 067 642 179

NAME: Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC BAR)
TELEPHONE: 030 198 33
MOBILE: 067 642 179

NAME: Secretariat of the Coast Guard Coordination Body of MNE – Bar
TELEPHONE: 030 312 156
MOBILE: 063 285 280

NAME: Coast radio station ‘’BARRADIO’’
TELEPHONE: 030 313 088
MOBILE: 067 642 179

NAME: Harbour Master’s Office Bar
TELEPHONE: 030 312 733
MOBILE: 069 290 274

NAME: Harbour Master’s Office Kotor
TELEPHONE: 032 304 312
MOBILE: 069 681 504

NAME: Operational Center of the Maritime; Border Police (MBP) of MNE – Podgorica
TELEPHONE: 020 247 689
MOBILE: 063 285 277

NAME: Assistance and information
TELEPHONE: 030 198 33; 030 313 241
MOBILE: 067 642 179
VHF: ch16/ch24

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