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The Adriatic Sea covers the surface area of 138.595 km2. Total length of its coastline (land and islands) is 7.912 km. Land coastline of the Adriatic is 3.737 km; the length of the Adriatic Sea is 783 km and its width up to 217 km. The shallowest part of the Adriatic is in the Bay of Trieste (25 m) and the seabed drops steadily towards the south Adriatic where the biggest measured depth is 1.240 m. From the total number of 1.250 islands, islets and rocks, 1.185 are in Croatia. Sea temperature grows from north to south. The lowest sea temperatures are measured in February (from 7°C to 13°C) and the highest in August (from 22°C to 25°C). The Adriatic is considered to be one of seas with the highest salinity. The salinity drops from north to south and the average salinity is 25,3 ‰.Sea transparence is lowest in the north Adriatic (5-39 m), and highest in the south Adriatic (16-56 m). Air temperature is lowest in January with average value of 10°C in the south and 2°C in the north Adriatic, and highest in July when average values range from 22°C to 26°C.

Montenegrin coastline total length 294 km
Total length of the sea border of Montenegro 148 km
Length of the border with Croatia 22 km
Length of the border with Albania 22 km
Length of the border territorial sea- epicontinental shelf      104 km
Surface area of inland sea of Montenegro 362 km2
Surface area of the territorial sea of Montenegro 2.099 km2
Surface area of the epicontinental shelf 3.885 km2

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