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Foreign yachts and boats can enter and stay in the territorial sea and inland sea waters of Montenegro for pleasure, tourist cruising and participation in sport competitions and nautical fairs. The master or skipper of a foreign yacht or boat entering the waters of Montenegro can, before its arrival at the port of destination, send via fax or e-mail to Harbour Master’s Office/Branch Office the copies of documents required for border control, obtaining a vignette and endorsement of Crew and Passenger List.

Vignette for a foreign yacht is:

  • Entry report;
  • Evidence of Registration and Seaworthiness;
  • Evidence that the master or skipper and crew members hold required certificates of competency to operate the yacht in accordance with national regulations of the Flag State and STCW Convention;
  • Evidence that the yacht has been insured against damage caused to third person;
  • Proof of ownership or authorization for the use of the yacht;
  • Proof that Light Dues and administrative fees are settled.

A foreign yacht shall apply the vignette on the visible place. The validity period for a vignette is one year from the issue date. A vignette is not needed for a foreign yacht placed for safekeeping or repair in a port or other approved location and taking part in a sport competition or nautical fair.

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