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Underwater activities imply activities during which a person is below the surface of the water, with or without diving equipment, technical aids or apparatus controlled from the surface or automatically.

You can go diving if the Regional Center for Underwater Demining and Diving Training has issued you with the Diving Identification Card. This card is valid for the period of one year, and it is issued only to those individuals holding certificates of diving training, issued by an international diving school, recognized by the Regional Center. Underwater activities are organized by diving centers, clubs and other legal persons which have the permit for performing these activities, issued by the Regional Center.

The diving area has to be visibly marked. The marking is done by placing a signal buoy in the center of the diving area, of orange or red color, of at least 30 cm in diameter or by the diving flag (orange triangular
flag with a diagonal white stripe) or by the International Code of Signals flag “A” or by putting the diving flag high on the vessel from which the divers go under water.

NAME: Regional Center for Underwater Demining and Diving Training – Bijela
TELEPHONE: 031 683 477, 031 683 375
E-MAIL: [email protected]

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