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If you are in Montenegro let us take care of all your needs.

For your yacht

Let us take care of your berth reservations before your arrival.

For your crew

As seamen, we can provide you and your crew with various services.

Useful information

MRM's unrivalled local knowledge and work ethic mean that we provide the best.

MRM offers a complete Crew Placement Service.

Whether you are looking to fill a position aboard your yacht or if you are looking for a position on board, our ethic is to: 'place the right person on board the right yacht'. We offer you experienced and well trained personnel from Montenegro and Croatia. Seafarers from these two countries have a great tradition embedded in centuries of sailing vessels in the Adriatic, Mediterranean and every other world`s sea and ocean. Some of the world`s first maritime and nautical school were established on the Adriatic coast, and Boka  region is famous by Boka Navy, brotherhood of bokelian seafarers, more than 12 centuries old maritime institution.

Long lasting tradition, excellent maritime educational system existing for many years, ISM trained, computer literate and multilingual speaking officers are something that we are proud of. We as well, provide you with great candidates for all other positions on your boat – engineers, pursers, chefs, deckhands, stewardesses etc.

Please fill in the Crew Placement Form or Crew Member Form.