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Vignette obtainingUnder Montenegrin Law  it is required for foreign yachts to have a vignette (navigation permit) while sailing in national waters of Montenegro. Vignette must be displayed on a prominent position. Validity period of a vignette is up to one year from the date on which it was issued.
Price of a vignette depends on a boat length and issuing period:

Length of the yacht / Validity Period

Up to 7 days 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
From 7 to 12 meters 40,00 EUR 95,00 EUR 200,00 EUR 280,00 EUR 400,00 EUR
From 12 to 17 meters 120,00 EUR 220,00 EUR 400,00 EUR 540,00 EUR 750,00 EUR

From 17 to 24 meters

200,00 EUR 340,00 EUR 600,00 EUR 800,00 EUR 1.100,00 EUR
Over 24 meters 420,00 EUR 600,00 EUR
900,00 EUR
1.240,00 EUR 1.500,00 E

For vignette issuing you will need following documents:

  • Crew and/or passengers list
  • Certificate of the Vessel Ability for Navigation
  • Certificates of competency for desired crew rank
  • Insurance data for a sailing in accordance with the Flag-State regulations
  • Proof of the ownership for vessel, or a proxy for authorized use