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The Montenegrin coastline is 182 miles long. Besides marinas in Bar and Budva, the major number of marinas is in the Bay of Boka Kotorska. This unique Mediterranean fjord is the safe natural port. This amazing bay was grown by its' maritime history, whose traces you can find on every step. Small medieval towns, arounded by its' stoned walls, hide spirits of old seamen and their sailing vessels that never came back home. Today's Boka is a synergy of past and our times, growing rapidly in one of the most interesting yacht destinations in the world.

The very entrance into the Bay is defined with the three Austro-Hungarian fortresses- Ponta Oštra on Prevlaka Peninsula, that belongs to Croatia, and Mamula at the Island of Lastavica and Arza at the Cape of Mirišta. Please pass by slowly, not just because of the law prescribing the maximum speed of 12 knots, but also to find Žanjice, the small laguna begging at the Cape of Mirišta. Here you can find the Blue Flag beaches Porto, Cuba Libre and Mirišta. For gourmands important to mention- taste black risotto at the restaurant Mirišta and do not miss swordfish fillets at the Cuba Libre.

Somewhere between Žanjice and the small fishermen village Rose, hidden in the rocks, there is a small Laguna Dobreč. This amazing beach could be reached only by sea. Everything here is made of stone and wood, there is no electricity, not even for reproducing music. Everything is prepared on fire, encluding the restaurant speciality, the soup from sea rocks. They are offering fresh fish dishes as well as national Montenegrin specialities. Rose is known from Roman period as an important spot on Dalmatian road. All different authorities trough the turbulent history of this area leaved their traces in this small village. The most markable is the Fort of Rose, today a restaurant surounded by Robinson's styled cottages, reserved mostly by scuba divers. Have at least a coffe here, enjoying the amazing view on vessels entering the Bay of Boka Kotorska.

Herceg Novi is the first city you’ll meet on north-west. What will help you to find the port from the seaside is the old fortress Forte Mare. The Port of Herceg Novi is able to host approximately 20 to 30 visiting yachts up to about 25 meters in length. The pier is equipped with electricity and fresh water supply, calculated separately to marina berth charges. Fuel is available at the innermost part of the port for ships with draft less than 2,5m. In southwesterly winds berthing in the harbor is disturbed due to the formation of a short chop, but conditions only become unacceptable in winds over 15  to 20 knots. Custom clearance is possible at a pier 1.5 nm further into the bay in Zelenika. A ship chandlery is located on the waterfront near the sailing club. Not far from Herceg Novi the internationally renowned Spa Igalo that is a 20 to 25 minute walk along the thriving boardwalk full of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, taverns and tourist gift outlets.

The most prestigious marina in Montenegro is Porto Montenegro, to become the biggest marina for mega yachts in Mediterranean.  As an official port of entry, Porto Montenegro is representing the pivotal point of maritime leisure and living in Montenegro and The Adriatic. Central to the rest of the Mediterranean, it is also becoming a major focal point for yachting. The amenities on offer comprise the most extensive range conceivable. From lodging to shopping to entertainment and culture, Porto Montenegro has been designed to provide a unique and prestigious lifestyle based on proximity to the sea. Perhaps the most significant of Porto Montenegro’s offerings are its berths. The port is well on the way to providing over 650 berths on 20 meter-wide jetties, for yachts ranging from mega yachts (150m) to production yachts. Depths vary from 4.5 to 16 meters. The harbor is very large with a well protected entrance and is completely sheltered from wave action by breakwaters. Its position within the Bay of Kotor means that yacht owners can be assured their asset is perfectly protected from the elements, year round. Facilities include fuel berths, marina berths, a marina club, mega yacht berths, super yacht harbor. Electricity and water to cater for the largest yachts to smaller boats, complete Wi-Fi access and all communication needs are on hand. Porto Montenegro can be reached by plane within a two hour flight from most European capitals to one of the three international airports (Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik). Tivat’s airport is only a few kilometers away from the yacht harbor.

The 2,000 year old town of Kotor, is the pearl of the Kotor bay and one of many beautiful coastal towns along the foot of the majestic mountain ranges of Mount Orien and Mount Lovcen. The origins of Kotor date back to the 7th century. Over the centuries Saracens, Turks, Venetians and Italians have left their footprints. The maritime museum in the old town harbors many important artifacts from ancient seafaring times. Here documented evidence of the importance of harbor towns such as the neighboring town of Perast, the most important Mediterranean harbor town of the 18th century is displayed. Kotor and Perast are protected by UNESCO as the World Heritage centers. In front of the town of Perast there are two small islands, Sveti Djordje and the Our Lady of the Rocks, an artificial island made by Perast’s mariners through the centuries. Near Perast, in Morinj, there is an amazing place you shouldn’t miss. In unique way nature is here cultivated into the restaurant Ćatovića mlini, offering tasteful fish dishes, national and international specialties prepared on wood. Do not miss to taste octopus prepared in traditional dish called "sač".

Of course, you need some nautical information on the Port of Kotor.  The harbor is located at the end of the Kotor bay and provides berthing on the south side of the main pier. It is operated all year-round and provides electricity and fresh water. The main pier provides good facilities for large cruise ships. In the southeast of the harbor, behind the floating jetty of the Montenegro Charter Company, berthing exists for 30 yachts in a maximum depth of 3 m of water. The northern pier is designated as customs pier. It also serves for commercial shipping and cruise ships. The southern part is the yacht pier. Mooring lines are available as well as pillars for electricity and fresh water supply. A filling station is located in the northern part of the pier. Good shopping facilities as well as numerous restaurants can be found in the town. In the early morning hours the eclectic town wall market is held, primarily with fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and meats including fresh poultry and fish.

OK, then, we passed you trough the Bay of Boka Kotorska, for sure the most interesting part of our shoreline. But not the only interesting part! Let go to the other side, yachting to Budva, another ancient town of Montenegrin coast. But, on your way you need to take a careful look on rocks and cliffs, because one of them is hiding the Blue Cave, the attraction you shouldn’t miss. It is important to know that entering the cave is possible only for vessels not higher than 20 meters. The Blue Cave has two entrances making light refracting through the water so adorable blue. The top of the cave is covered with stalactites and it is not rare that you see bats flying around.

Budva is the unequivocal tourist center of Montenegro. Over the centuries the former diocese of Budva was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire and under Roman, Turkish, Venetian, and Austrian rule. Stari Grad - the old town of Budva - is beaming with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. A defense wall has surrounded the town since the end of the 15th century. It has had a landside gate as well as a seaward gate. The Cathedral St. John Baptist treasures Italian-Cretan icons and paintings of the Venetian school. The other churches and abbeys also keep numerous art treasures safe.  Budva is a safe, well equipped and video monitored marina which is well frequented during the summer months. Berths for yachts up to 65 meters are located on the north part of Stari Grad of Budva. A filling station with gasoline and diesel, a nautical shop are located within the Marina – and all other services are available in the adjacent.

Bar is also called the Montenegrin Pompeii and accommodates approximately 600 interesting historical and cultural sites and objects from all periods. The most interesting site to visit is for sure the Old Town of Bar. Furthermore Bar is a fashion city with many music, theatre and literary events. The palace of King Nikola in Topolica, the former summer residence of the Petrovic royal family, now accommodates the museum of local history. One of the world oldest olive trees, more than 2,000 years old, can be visited in Bar. The market offers the most diverse range of the country's products with friendly farmers happy to barter. The largest underwater cave on the Montenegrin Rivera, the Mikoljic Cave, is in Volujica and attracts scuba divers. Marina Bar is a year round Port of Entry. It offers safe mooring to yachts. The harbor is divided into two areas. The larger southerly area, which is the industrial harbor of Bar, services general cargo, bulk cargo and containers. Part of the southerly harbor area is used for storing yachts (storage halls and open space with approximately 250 storing places). The harbor area that borders to the north is used as a marina and offers approximately 410 berths. It is equipped with a mobile: 250-ton travel lift and a 50-ton crane. The marina is open all year-round and has 8 jetties with the 5 furthest east offering moorings, electricity and water. Customs and police offices are located in the ferry terminal that separates the industrial harbor from the marina. The filling station is on the head of the northern breakwater. The Port Authority is located approximately 500-metres from the harbor.

Ulcinj is the southernmost city at Montenegrin coast. As the coast of Ulcinj is one of the most heterogeneous sea shore with numerous bays, gulfs, islands, cliffs, crests, reefs, peninsulas, copes… the number of locations on which tourists can swim and sunbathe is very big. The longest beach at the Adriatic sea – Velika Plaza that is 13 km long, the Ada Bojana – a unique river island with marvelous sandy beaches, Valdanos – a unique bay with a coastline covered in old olive trees, the reconstructed old city of Ulcinj – full of interesting restaurants, cafés, galleries and hotels … and many other attractive sights make Ulcinj unique and attractive for many tourists. Ulcinj is a city that you have to visit, although there is no marina there.

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